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Located in the heart of beautiful and peaceful coastal city of Da Nang, Charm spa Grand Da Nang is proud to be listed as a favorite destination of domestic and international tourists.
Following the successes from the model of health care and beauty with long leading experience in Da Nang, Charm Spa & Massage chain has 4 facilities in Da Nang and Nha Trang, in which Charm Spa Grand Da Nang fully meet the quality standards of a 5-star spa, from top-notch relaxation space, modern facilities to the level of skill, dedication and attentiveness of the staff.

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Customer Feedback

  • I think you can try to choose buffet spa. It has many combo for you choose. You can choose any body massage or foot or facial massage. And you can choose any aroma or oil you like to massage. After massage, they give you tea, soup, fruit . This is very nice.



    Buffle spa, strange, special, many promotion!

  • 동생이랑 둘이서 타이 마사지 받았는데 마사지 끝나자마자 둘다 서로 미쳤다고 감탄했어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저 해준사람은 Yen이었는데 강도도 딱좋아서 너무 시원했고 혈?을 잘 찾으신다고 해야하나?ㅋㅋㅋ 처음에 좀 비싸다고 생각했었는데 받으면서 아 돈이 안아깝다 계속 받고싶다라고 생각했어요ㅎㅎ 진짜 추천합니당~



    여긴 진짜 마사지 맛집

  • 받은마사지들중에 손꼽히는 시원한 마사지였습니다. 일본식마사지 좋아요




  • I'm go out with my friends near beach and see this spa. The staffs so nice, friendly and they have many treatment for body, i have many option, i like it. The massage also very good, i'm feeling better when i finish.



    good service!

  • I'm super picky about my facials, so trust me when I say, Rendezvous by Charm Spa gives the best facials (I've found so far) in Danang. I purchased a 5-session package and have been here 3 times already. Each time, I was treated by a different therapist and all were consistently excellent. Today, I noticed that my therapist's name is Thai, so I'd like to give a shout out to her. Thank you!!


    Jenna D

    totally relaxing

  • 舒服,有甜品,茶好好飲,價錢可接受!


    Tammy Ctm


  • I really enjoyed spending time here. Massage, peeling and body mask vere great. Big thanks for additional head massage. I felt asleep twice, really relaxing


    Zoryana Kostynyuk

    Highly recommend!

  • Serene and delightful spa, with such wonderful service I am back for a second time. Yesterday, a deeply relaxing massage with Cherry, and today a skillful and equally relaxing facial with Na, who re-braided my hair after taking it down during the facial so she could massage my scalp. Rendezvous by Charm is a gem I am so happy to discover while I am visiting Danang. Professional, attentive, and the tea and cookies afterwards were a lovely extra touch.

    Sharon Day

    I am back for a second time

Charm Spa Grand Da Nang - Spa & Massage
Charm Spa Grand Da Nang - Spa & Massage
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